Employee Data Leaked in North Carolina City Due to Thanksgiving Cyber Attack

    Cyberattack in Hendersonville

    Hendersonville, a city in North Carolina, has faced a significant cyberattack. The attack targeted employee data management software. It occurred just before Thanksgiving. Suspected threat actors may have exposed employee data, mainly affecting those hired before January 1, 2021.

    City Response and Investigation

    John Connet, the City Manager, confirms the breach’s limited scope. It did not affect other systems or customer data. The city is actively investigating with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. This includes collaboration with the North Carolina Joint Cybersecurity Task Force and third-party cybersecurity specialists.

    Statewide Context of Cybersecurity

    North Carolina’s unique stance against ransomware includes a ban on ransom payments to hackers. Despite this, cyberattacks have hit various state government entities. These include areas in Charlotte’s suburbs and Raleigh. Hendersonville’s incident adds to the list, highlighting a continuous threat.

    Ongoing Efforts and Employee Safety

    The city is now assessing the breach’s impact. They have engaged professionals to analyze the incident. Their focus is on employee safety and security. They aim to address the situation swiftly and responsibly.

    Regional Cyber Threats

    Hendersonville’s proximity to Spartanburg County, South Carolina, is noteworthy. Spartanburg County faced a ransomware attack in April. This situation emphasizes the vulnerability of the region to cyber threats. It shows the need for enhanced cybersecurity efforts by state and local governments.

    Conclusion and Future Steps

    Hendersonville plans to contact individuals affected by the data breach. This move is part of their broader strategy to tackle cybersecurity challenges. They aim to protect their employees’ and residents’ data and privacy.

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