Greater Paris Wastewater Agency Responds to Cybersecurity Breach

    A cyberattack recently targeted the Service public de l’assainissement francilien (SIAAP). This organization manages wastewater for over nine million Parisians, covering nearly 275 miles across four French departments.

    Following the attack’s discovery, SIAAP quickly filed a complaint with both the judicial police and the National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL). The IT teams are now working tirelessly to secure industrial systems. They have cut off all external connections to contain the attack’s spread.

    Officials are prioritizing measures to ensure uninterrupted public sanitation for Ile-de-France residents. SIAAP has established local systems for public updates and maintains regular communication with government agencies about the situation.

    The organization is actively mitigating the attack’s impact. Plans include hiring external cybersecurity firms and acquiring vital equipment to recover or restore critical systems. So far, no hacking group has claimed responsibility. Yet, this attack is consistent with a pattern of ransomware gangs targeting vital service providers, such as water utilities.

    Similar incidents have occurred in Italy, Portugal, England, and the U.S. This trend has raised alarm about the security of water utilities. In response, the U.S. cybersecurity agency launched a new voluntary pilot program. This initiative provides advanced cybersecurity services to water utilities and other essential infrastructure organizations.

    These incidents highlight the escalating threat to water utilities’ cybersecurity, emphasizing the need for more vigilant protection of such critical infrastructure.

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