Cybersecurity Incident Hits Long Beach, California.

    The city of Long Beach in California recently identified a cybersecurity incident. Located just 30 minutes south of Los Angeles, this city of nearly half a million people is tackling the issue head-on. They are collaborating with a cybersecurity firm and have requested assistance from the FBI.

    The city manager’s office issued a statement confirming the network security incident. The city’s technology and cybersecurity teams are actively investigating to pinpoint the source and extent of the breach. They aim to identify any vulnerabilities and enhance security measures. The city temporarily shut down its systems to facilitate the investigation and possible remediation.

    Despite the attack, essential services like police, fire, and 911 remain operational. However, the municipal website is down. The city plans to keep its systems offline for a few days. During this time, government email and phone systems will still be operational. The city has also alerted the public to potential delays in services and systems.

    Long Beach is among several California cities and organizations targeted by ransomware attacks in 2023. This list includes Oakland, Hayward, Victorville, San Bernardino County, San Francisco, Modesto, and El Cerrito. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) also suffered a data theft incident, compromising retiree data.

    The city has committed to informing the public about the incident and its effects on services and the community. They plan to provide updates through social media platforms.

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