Yamaha and WellLife Network acknowledge cyber security incidents following ransomware gang’s claims of attacks

    Yamaha Motor, a renowned Japanese manufacturing company, and WellLife Network, a notable healthcare organization, recently suffered cyberattacks. A ransomware gang identified them on its leak site this week.

    On October 25, a ransomware attack hit Yamaha Motor. The company’s motorcycle manufacturing and sales subsidiary managed the affected server in the Philippines. The attack leaked personal employee information. While the full damage extent remains unclear, Yamaha Motor reported the incident to Philippine authorities on October 27. The company assured that the headquarters and other Yamaha Motor Group companies did not suffer any effects. They have restored servers and systems that the attack did not compromise.

    It remains unknown which ransomware group targeted Yamaha Motor. However, the incident appeared on the INC ransomware gang’s leak site. SentinelOne researchers have identified that this group exploits the CVE-2023-3519 vulnerability in Citrix products. They have targeted various sectors, including education, government, and healthcare.

    The WellLife Network, which operates on a $100 million annual budget, also appeared on the ransomware gang’s victim list on Friday. This organization supports individuals with disabilities and mental illnesses. In early September, their IT team detected a cyberattack. It led to the exposure or theft of patient and employee data, including names, birth dates, and other personal and health information. WellLife Network still assesses the attack’s full impact and plans to inform the affected parties and state regulators. According to their report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights, the breach impacted 501 people.

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