Signal Refutes Claims of Zero-Day Flaw in SpyNote: No Proof Found

    Signal messenger has conducted an investigation into the rumors circulating online about a potential zero-day vulnerability linked to the ‘Generate Link Previews’ feature. The company has stated that there is no evidence supporting the existence of this vulnerability. The investigation was prompted by reports from various sources, including BleepingComputer and Twitter, which claimed that a new zero-day vulnerability could enable complete device takeovers.

    Signal was contacted about the alleged zero-day and subsequently released a statement on Twitter. They emphasized that they thoroughly examined the rumors but found no evidence to validate the flaw. The statement also mentioned that no further information was provided through their official reporting channels. Additionally, Signal consulted with individuals within the US Government, as the reports cited USG as a source. However, after discussions with these sources, they confirmed that there is no information substantiating the validity of the claim.

    Although news of the alleged zero-day rapidly proliferated across social media and the cybersecurity community, BleepingComputer could not independently verify the accuracy of these statements, despite receiving similar claims from numerous sources. Signal urges anyone with reliable and verifiable information regarding the matter to contact their security team.

    As the investigation is still ongoing, Signal advises users to disable the ‘Generate Link Previews’ setting as a precautionary measure until the situation is definitively resolved. The company stresses that while they have not found any evidence of a new zero-day, user discretion is crucial in ensuring a heightened level of security.

    It is important to note that this article is focused solely on the information provided and does not take into account any social media references.

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