IT outage hits Council for Scottish islands following ‘incident’

    Scotland’s Western Isles government council is currently experiencing an IT outage that has disrupted access to its IT system for over 470,000 residents. As a result, the council has provided temporary phone numbers for essential services. The disruption has prompted the implementation of measures to restore and secure data, redirect public phone numbers, and ensure continued service delivery to the community.

    The Council’s website was down at the time of the incident, and there are reports that experts believe it to be a ransomware attack. This has led the Scottish government to engage with Dell, a computer and IT services company, for assistance, including their incident response unit.

    It is important to note that there are currently no known perpetrators for this attack. However, the incident comes in the wake of a previous ransomware attack on the Scottish Association for Mental Health, which resulted in the shutdown of its phone and email systems.

    While the incident is still under investigation, the council has assured that its out-of-hours service is functioning as normal, and regular updates will be provided to the public. They have also engaged with the Scottish Government and other professional advisors to establish the root cause of the incident and identify necessary actions. This reaffirms the council’s commitment to rectifying the situation and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to the community.

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