Data Breach Alert: California City Issues Warning Following Ransomware Attack Allegations

    Hackers recently accessed data from Victorville, a California city with roughly 135,000 residents. The cyberattack hit the city’s government systems between August 12 and September 26. The city has verified that the breach compromised personal data, including names, Social Security numbers, and health insurance policy details.

    City’s Response
    To support affected residents, Victorville is offering a year of identity protection services. City officials didn’t reveal much about the incident but did acknowledge system outages affecting phones and websites in a September 25 Facebook post. This outage impacted online bill payments and form submissions. However, the city promised no late fees or utility shutoffs during this period. The officials suggested in-person bill payments and shared alternative contact lines.

    NoEscape Gang’s Involvement
    The NoEscape ransomware gang took credit for the Victorville attack on Tuesday, boasting about stealing 200GB of data. This attack follows a trend of ransomware incidents in California this year, with cities like Oakland and San Francisco facing similar threats.

    Other Targets of NoEscape
    The NoEscape gang, which surfaced in May, has a reputation for targeting major entities. They previously attacked the group overseeing the U.S.-Canada border’s lake and river systems. Moreover, they claimed attacks on entities like the German bar association and a Belgian hospital.

    San Bernardino County, where Victorville sits, also fell victim to a ransomware attack in April. The NoEscape gang’s reach extends internationally, with attacks on institutions in Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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