CDW Launches Probe into Ransomware Gang’s Allegations of Data Breach

    CDW, the multibillion-dollar technology services firm with revenues exceeding £23 billion in 2022, is conducting a rigorous investigation into claims made by a ransomware group regarding a data breach that transpired during a cyberattack.

    The cyberattack, which occurred on servers exclusively dedicated to supporting Sirius Federal, a subsidiary of CDW-G within the United States, has raised questions about the identity and motivations of the perpetrators. While the specific group responsible has not been officially confirmed, cybersecurity experts closely monitor the situation for potential insights.

    Attributing cyberattacks can be complex, as hackers often take extensive measures to conceal their identities. Nevertheless, compelling indications are pointing towards the involvement of the notorious LockBit ransomware gang, renowned for its audacious tactics and willingness to target critical infrastructure and government bodies.

    LockBit’s typical modus operandi involves encrypting victims’ data and demanding substantial ransoms for decryption keys. In this case, the gang openly claimed responsibility for the breach and demanded a staggering £80 million ransom.

    Cybersecurity specialist Jon DiMaggio, who has had previous encounters with the LockBit group, weighed in on the situation, stating, “The compromised data from CDW appears to contain highly sensitive information, encompassing employee badges, audit records, commission payout data, and other account-related details.”

    LockBit’s audacity has earned it a notorious reputation, allowing the group to operate with apparent impunity. Recent weeks have seen the gang successfully target and disrupt critical systems, including a major hospital network in New York, a city in France, and a government-run electrical organisation in Montreal. Their most recent exploit targeted a school district in Virginia, further highlighting the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures.

    As CDW continues its comprehensive investigation into this significant cybersecurity incident, the broader cybersecurity community remains vigilant, closely monitoring developments related to the LockBit gang and the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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